Forever aspiring to be this woman.

She is so in touch with herself and the universe. She has handfuls of degrees, she has studied art therapies, art education, expressive arts, clinical psychology, counseling psychology, tramas and dissociation and early childhood education. She has traveled the world, lived and studied abroad. She practices radical self love. She continuities to stay in touch with the things she loves everyday. She was my art teacher for a brief time my senior year. And I don’t know if she knows how much she has inspired me. I’ve never really met an adult that has never given up what they love to do until I met Ms. Keyes. I’ve never met an adult that didn’t dismiss my childish feelings as childish feelings until her. She was the first adult I’ve met in my life that has done what I want to do. She has been very successful and happy. She’s just a beautiful, 45 year old hippie who stands as a reminder for me.

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